August 28th, 2005

by Illsaysheis

Of Pain And Pampering

Note to self: Dancing barefoot for three hours on a wooden dance floor is a fine idea. Dancing barefoot for three hours on carpet is not.

I had just gotten to my Scottish Country Dance class when I realized that the soles on my ghillies were so old and well-loved that they had zero traction left. Rather than risk having my feet slide out from under me during a reel, I chucked the shoes altogether. Bad idea. The ball of the foot is not a happy place to have rug burn. But I stuck it out for dance after dance. I did sit out Mairie's Wedding in the middle of the third hour, but we've got a demo performance coming up, and I had to dance the Reel of the Royal Scots, Byron's Strathspey, The Sailor, and The Clansman after that. Especially The Clansman, because I did need the practice on that. And, like everyone else with a B.A. in theater, I have committed to heart the commandment that the more it hurts, the brighter you smile.

But I was smart this time. I remembered something Coach Mike said to me this summer, and I remembered something I read over by dawtheminstrel, and I decided to be really decadent and do something nice for myself and soak my feet. Found a recipe for a honey-based foot soak on the Web, and five minutes later, my feet were happy feet. They still feel nice, and most of the rug burn soreness has gone away.

For years, I'd heard people say how nice foot soaks were (the latest being Coach Mike), and now I believe them. And tomorrow I will take my ghillies in to work and sandpaper the soles to get that traction back so I can wear them to dance in for a little longer.
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