March 8th, 2006

by Illsaysheis

Drama And Blood

So, last night, part of my grand plan for March kicked into motion. At 7:30 p.m., I swept grandly into the small theater in the student union and sat down to watch my very own play (and two others) being performed. The performances were really well done -- the directors and actors had clearly put a great deal of work into this show. The first play was a comedic drama about dorm life, and the third play was an intense drama about a troubled father-son relationship set in New York over Thanksgiving. But the second play. . . .ahhh, that one was mine. It was much shorter than the other two, only ten minutes or so, and it served as a nice little divertisment between them. I met the director before the performance, and he was absolutely charming. He'd loved the play from the moment he read it, and the actors all had a good time with it, too.

Basically, the story goes like this: Jesus has raised Lazarus from the dead, and Lazarus realizes that his wallet is missing. The curtain opens as he shows up at the Nazareth County Coroner's Office, where a not-very-imaginative secretary asks him what he needs. It turns out that, in order to retrieve his wallet, he merely needs to present some ID. . . ID that is currently in his wallet. His relationship to the deceased? Well, he is the deceased. The secretary is not convinced. She thinks he's a con artist trying to steal a dead man's identity and calls a guard to arrest him. The guard thinks he's drunk and lays hands on Lazarus to haul him off to the station to dry out. "Aw, Jesus Christ!" Lazarus cries. A chorus of angels sounds, and The Man himself shows up.

It turns out that Jesus really hasn't thought this resurrection through, and he goes about trying to fix the problem. He's still not too skilled with the miracle thing, though, and after a few bobbles (during which he accidentally turns the secretary's coffee into a rather nice Chardonnay), it turns out to be the guard who comes up with the perfect solution to the problem.

The performance was great. Lazarus was appropriately flustered, Jesus was even more hippie-like than I had imagined him, everyone did a great job. The director (who also played Lazarus) kept the chorus-of-angels sound cue and added a really nifty backlight for the miracles that I thought was very funny. There was a reception for playwrights, directors, and actors tonight, so I got to meet Jesus and the guard. And I'll get a videotape and, once the real bureaucratic red tape is vanquished, my $30 prize fairly soon.

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