July 5th, 2006


The Maroon Parachute Opens Once Again

I have now seen the apartment that the University of Chicago found for me, and I am happy to report that it is a nice place. It's an unfurnished one-bedroom with lots of light and closet space. It's got an eat-in kitchen and wood floors in the hall, bedroom, and living room. The bathroom is mildly disreputable, but that tends to be the case with buildings of a certain age in Chicago. They're going to clean it and paint it, and replace the stove and the kitchen floor before I move in. There is shopping nearby and a bus stop right outside the front door. rhobike, I don't know yet if singing will be possible there. I'm sure the acoustics in the living room would be good, and it might be big enough to fit the Hyde Park group, but I'd have to check with the neighbors and see if they'd mind.
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