January 27th, 2008

junomagic oy

Drama! In Real Life.

So maybe some of you might have been wondering vaguely if I had dropped off the face of the e-earth. The short answer to that question is, in fact, "yes." But I'm back now, if in slightly more battered shape than before. I've just come home from a week-long medical adventure that was, to be honest, the scenario of my "I hate doctors" nightmares.

I was feeling a little crummy on Friday evening, and elected to skip the grad students' potluck. I took the weekend easy, used it to grocery shop, do laundry, take out the trash . . . all things that I would later be very glad I had done. I was having these weird abdominal cramps all weekend. They felt like a girdle pulling tight around my tummy, and hurt, but they responded pretty well to heat and rest. I figured they were some weird stress-induced muscle cramp, and went ahead to my dance class Sunday night.

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