November 29th, 2008

by Illsaysheis

Thanksgiving, With Pictures

Usually, I go to the Pony Parents' home for Thanksgiving. But the Pony family home is being renovated after lo these many years, and Mom Pony does not currently have a kitchen. So we went to the lovely home of Aunt and Uncle Pony. I think Mom Pony kind of appreciated not having to do a big Thanksgiving like she usually does.

It was, as always, a fun time, though we noted that it was a little strange. The holiday that we usually spend at Aunt and Uncle Pony's house is Passover. Well, at this Thanksgiving, all the same people were there as showed up last Passover, and there was a large and lovely meal in progress when we arrived. Some of us got a wee bit confused and wondered if we should start singing "Eliyahu ha-Navi."

But we did remember the correct holiday, and it was a gracious plenty, along with a serious discussion of postmodernism. My position on postmodernism is that I subscribe to most of its basic tenets, but that I try to keep a healthy distance between myself and other postmodernists, who tend to be pretentious windbags.

The real fun came the next day. Little Sister Pony drove Mom Pony and me into Cambridge so we could see her new apartment, which is totally faboo. Then Mom Pony and I went to MIT to their annual Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction. This is a wonderfully geeky event, of course (MIT attracts science geeks of the same level as the humanities geeks that the U of C attracts), in which local teams constructed various Rube Goldberg devices, brought them to the MIT gym, and hooked them all together. At the climax of the event, the first device was set off, and the grand chain reaction went around the room. Some devices made noise, some made flashy visuals, some told a story, some made political statements, and one was a Happy Birthday message!

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