December 18th, 2009

by Illsaysheis

Ah, Holiday Traditions!

Behold the latest skirmish in the War on Christmas!

My favorite quote from this year's edition is from Barry Lynn, an ordained minister who's also president of Americans United for Separation of Church and State:

"You would literally have to be living in a very deep cave not to understand that there is a religious holiday called Christmas that is soon to come."

The War on Christmas Captain Obvious Award 2009 goes to Rep. Henry Brown of South Carolina:

"What I'm afraid of -- if we don't bring some kind of closure to this continuous change, then in 20 years it will almost be completely different from what we see today ... "

Yes. Yes, indeed. I believe that's what "change" means.

Whatever. Since I've already posted Straight No Chaser's opinion on the matter ("Run to your closet, grab your Christmas sweater, screaming carols all the way. FA LA LA LA LA!"), I shall now offer commentary from a subset of the Alleged Opposition:

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by Illsaysheis

Holiday Decoration!

Since several people on my flist have posted pictures of their holiday decorating, I shall now return the favor! These are among the first pictures taken with the new digital camera, which was a gift from a friend when she heard that my old one died.

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