January 30th, 2010

by Illsaysheis

Election Blahs

Illinois has an election coming up on Tuesday. There are some congressional spots open, lots of judges, some county officials, and the primaries for governor and lieutenant governor. I'm feeling distinctly dispirited about this election. First of all, the choices for Cook County Board President aren't exactly inspiring. So far, the best bet looks like my alderperson, Toni Preckwinkle. She has a get-things-done, minimum-bullshit style that I appreciate, but on the other hand, she never met a developer she didn't like.

There seem to be a number of interesting candidates for lieutenant governor, which kind of depresses me, because I want them to aim higher. The Democratic choices for governor are highly uninspiring. In one corner, you have incumbent Governor Quinn, who took over when Blagojevich was indicted, and who has proved himself to be a major tool. In the other corner, you have Comptroller Dan Hynes, who, in addition to having a less-than-stellar record at his own job, has concluded that the best way to run his campaign against Quinn is to be as oily and nasty as possible. Neither one of these men makes me want to run breathless to the Beulah Shoesmith Elementary School and vote joyously. The more so because I know that, in the end, whoever ends up becoming governor will be indicted for corruption in the end. It's a state tradition.

Sigh. What to do, what to do?
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