March 6th, 2010

poisoninjest let me splain

The Best Laid Plans Of Ponies

Gang -- not necessarily aft, but certainly tonight -- agley.

Word on the street was that there would be a contra dance tonight at 8:00 in the Ida Noyes third-floor theater, with a beginners' lesson at 7:30. I decided that I didn't necessarily need to show up for the lesson (often I do, just in case someone needs a firm hand), but I planned to get to Ida Noyes around 7:45. Which I did. Light of foot and joyous of heart, I skipped up to the third floor only to find . . . a performance of Oedipus Rex going on in the theater and nary a dancer to be seen.

I walked over to the Reynolds Club to check the Folklore Society website and see if they had announced a change of venue for the dance, but no. The website claimed that the dance was at Ida Noyes. Puzzled, I looked around, and this nice lady walked up to me and offered me a ticket to the University orchestra concert of 20th-century Spanish music that was about to start in Mandel Hall, which is the big concert hall in the Reynolds Club. I'm not one to turn down a free concert ticket, especially when the dance appears to have dropped off the face of the earth, so I had a surprise concert tonight!

Lots of fun, and I got to cheer for three of my colleagues (on violin, clarinet, and bassoon). But still . . . I wonder what ever became of the contra dance?
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