April 23rd, 2010

by Illsaysheis


I suppose that, if one must come down with a spring cold, the week when one doesn't have class on Thursday would be the week to do it. Anyway, it'll be all over by next week, and then the Pony Parents will arrive for their annual visit. Yay!

Speaking of which, I really ought to do some lesson planning tomorrow. Viennese Professor will soon go gadding off and leave me with the class for two sessions of Jewish song and dance. But not before he does the most adorable thing ever. One of the students has a sick mother, so Viennese Professor has decided to go visit her, bring his violin, and play a selection of Austrian Ländler to cheer her up! Yes! This event will take place on Monday morning, and I'm going to accompany them, primarily to take photos of the stunned look on the mother's face when we explain to her who the adorable Austrian guy with the violin is.
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