February 2nd, 2011

by Illsaysheis


The blizzard outside is absolutely astonishing. For a while there, snow was falling up. Offhand, I'd say we have about six or seven inches right now, and the storm isn't due to let up until tomorrow afternoon. The public schools are closing tomorrow; they haven't had a snow day in years. It's a real storm, too; we had quite a bit of what rhobike called "thundersnowing." Large swaths of Lake Shore Drive are closed, but I'm glad to hear that lcohen made it home before that happened.

School just sent around an e-mail saying that the campus shuttle service shut down at 9 on account of several accidents, but there are still people trapped in campus buildings. Looks like they'll have to stay there overnight.

How's everyone else doing with your various storms?
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    Down In The Valley
by Illsaysheis

Groundhog Day

So, apparently, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today, therefore predicting an early spring. Daffodils, and birdies, and warm breezes, and gentle rains!

In other news, the Chicago police have pretty much finished extracting trapped commuters from frozen-and-closed Lake Shore Drive. And the snow is starting up again.

Go, Punxsutawney Phil?
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