February 23rd, 2011



The King is dead, long live the RAHM.

With apologies to Billy the Shake:

Enter ALDERMAN BURKE, with persons bearing a coffin


Great mayor, within this coffin I present
Thy buried fear: herein all breathless lies
The mightiest of thy greatest enemies,
Richard of Daley, by me hither brought.


Burke, I thank thee not; for thou hast wrought
A deed of slander with thy fatal hand
Upon my head and all this famous land.


From your own mouth, my lord, did I this deed.


They love not poison that do poison need,
Nor do I thee: though I did wish him dead,
I hate the murderer, love him murdered.
The guilt of conscience take thou for thy labour,
But neither my good word nor princely favour:
With Karl Rove go wander through shades of night,
And never show thy head by day nor light.
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