May 27th, 2011

by Illsaysheis

State Of The Pony

I've finally got my tickets to the workshop in Hanover; as an added bonus, I'm doing a few days' fieldwork in Berlin, so I'll be in Germany an extra four days after the workshop. I did use the 20% off coupon that United gave me after my plane from London last summer caught fire. But it was tremendously difficult to order the ticket from United's website; you'd think they didn't want you to use their planes or something! Argh. I really really hate dealing with airlines. But I love to travel. Go figure.

But, anyway. I've got my ticket, and the workshop will chip in for more than half of it, plus my hotel room in Hanover. Mom Pony is researching the possibility of me crashing with some family friends in Berlin.

And all that is as naught anyway. I made black-and-white cookies for the singing last night, and tomorrow is the first day of the Midwest Convention! Yay!
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