February 2nd, 2013


Fly, My Pretty, Fly!

Did some preliminary poking around on the question of "How Do I Get To Belfast From Chicago?" It turns out that a) I am going to need some serious school funding, which is fine, because I have several sources I can hit up, b) there are no direct flights, and c) most of the cheapest flights involve United Airlines.

That would be United Airlines of the "we didn't technically crash the plane, we just bonked it, we put the fire out relatively quickly, and you only had to spend three hours milling around in the baggage claim at O'Hare until we figured out how to get your carry-on bags back" flight from London back in 2010.

It would also be the United Airlines of the "sure, we said you can buy a ticket on our website; we just never said it would be either easy or intuitive to give us money in exchange for a plain coach seat" flight to Germany in 2011.

(It would also be the United Airlines of "United Breaks Guitars", but there's no way in hell that I'm bringing any instruments along on this trip.)

I don't like United, I think they give bad service, I don't want to fly with them. On the other hand . . . they run the cheapest flights, and the most flights, and I may not get the University to pay for another airline. Decisions, decisions. I may have to e-mail my advisor, who was in Vienna, last I checked, and have an e-powwow about this.
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Now, This Could Be Fun

Still considering Ireland, I had the idea to go look at my Minutes Book and see what kind of Sacred Harp scene I could find in Ireland. I know that there's been an annual convention in March in Cork for the past couple of years, and it looks like there are a couple of weekly singings there as well. There's also a weekly singing in Belfast, though I probably wouldn't be able to do both. But maybe, just maybe, it might be worth packing my Denson book among my clothes . . .
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