August 28th, 2014

Renoir girl

Continuing On

One of my good friends defended her dissertation yesterday! It was a fantastic defense, and, although I didn't get a chance to read the actual dissertation, I've heard her talk about her work enough that I do have a sense of her argument and the general shape of the work, and I know it was excellent. I'm not a person to make bucket lists, but if I were, seeing her defend would have been number one on my Chicago Bucket List.

The move proceeds apace. Most of the furniture is already either sold or promised -- two kitchen chairs, the sofa, and the sewing rocker are walking out the door today, and the bed, the dresser, and the night table are scheduled to go on Sunday. The movers have taken away the stuff to be shipped, and there's just a few bags left to pack. Today I have to deal with some stuff at the bank, and there's a bunch of stuff to drop off at a secondhand place, and the final house sweep and clean. I'm spending Sunday night at a friend's house, and on Monday morning, we'll come down to Hyde Park early, do one last pass at the apartment, lock up, turn in the keys, and then she'll take me to the airport to go to Connecticut.

I'll be staying with the Pony Parents for about three weeks while the British consulate processes my visa and sends it back to me, and then I can head out! My apartment in Cambridge will be ready on the first of October, I am told, but Corpus said that they'll have a guest room ready for me a week ahead of time, so I can come over a bit early and get things going and be really ready for Move-In Day.

I'm going to miss Chicago -- mostly my friends there, I think. But that's the nice thing. People can travel. I don't think that I'll never see Chicago again. I can always find some reason or other to come and visit. And I'll have a real guest room in Cambridge to host friends who make their way over to come see me. This chapter is ending, but there's a big adventure coming closer. And, really, I never could resist the call of adventure!
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