September 16th, 2014

by Illsaysheis


So this morning, timing worked out such that Dad Pony went out for his morning constitutional, I came downstairs, had breakfast, and had completely cleaned up from the meal by the time Dad Pony got back. The following conversation ensued:

Dad Pony: Have you eaten?
DP: What?
FP: I ate and cleaned up in total stealth. No trace of my breakfast remains beyond a mysteriously missing peach.
DP: Is that what the Ninja Turtles did? Did they clean up after themselves when they ate breakfast?

Ah, Dad Pony. Never letting us forget that he is the Baby Boomer parent of two daughters on the cusp between Gen X and Gen Y.

In other news, I've booked my flight to England! I'm leaving Boston on Tuesday the 23rd, landing in England on Wednesday the 24th, schlepping my sorry self straight to Cambridge, and flopping into the bed in the college guestroom. Fun fun fun!
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