October 21st, 2014


Sing To Me

I have a fun evening planned!

Last Saturday, at shul, I was given an aliyah, since it was only my second time there. For those who don't know, an aliyah is the honor of reciting the blessings over the Torah, and a lot of shuls give visitors and newcomers an aliyah if they want one. At Beth Shalom in Cambridge, you can either read or chant the blessing, and, as none of you will be surprised to hear, I chanted.

Well, after the service, a guy came up to me and said that he was the secretary of the choir that is associated with the shul, Kol Echad, and he said that, after listening to me chant the Torah blessings, he wanted me in the choir! Not only does this sound like a lot of fun, not only will it give me a chance to sing, which I love doing, but it's a perfect fieldwork opportunity, rolled up and handed to me with a bow on top! They rehearse every other Tuesday.

First rehearsal is tonight, about two miles away, so a nice healthy walk, since the bike shop is still fixing up the second-hand bike I picked out. I don't mind, actually -- since I've never been to the place where the rehearsal is, it'll be good to be able to walk the route the first time, so I can check my map if I get lost.

And here's something else. The dance class I'd picked out meets on Tuesday nights, which conflicts half the time with choir rehearsal. But this is Cambridge, and not Chicago, and it turns out that there are so many Scottish dance classes that I could go to at least four or five a week if I wanted to. And people do hop between classes. I can pretty much work out my schedule such that I can dance at least one night a week somewhere in Cambridge, and be part of the Kol Echad choir! Life is good here.
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