November 11th, 2014


At Long Last

Cambridge is a biking kind of town, and I wanted to be mobile. I was advised to get a secondhand bike, since the big crime in Cambridge is bike theft (which tells you a lot about the place, really), so I went to the recommended secondhand bike shop. They had a lovely fixer-upper, and they said they'd fix it up right quick for me.

"Right quick" turned out to be a solid month.

Today, at long last, the bike was ready, and I was able to bike home, carefully remembering to bike on the left. Wheels at last! I've named the bike, of course, and after that month of waiting and waiting and dropping by and waiting some more, there was really only one name that this bike could reasonably have. I have named it: Æthelred!

The great irony, of course, is that in about an hour, I'm taking off for the train station to go to London, after which I'm flying to Pittsburgh tomorrow for SEM. Ol' Æthelred will have to wait a week before we can really start traveling together.
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