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Back Home From Home

After a lightning quick visit to Mom and Dad Pony, I'm back in lovely Grad School Town, waiting for the apartment to notice that I've turned the heat on. Among other things, I got to see my sister and share lots of exciting gossip with her and let her take my blood pressure, which turns out to be very healthy. We also saw the new Harry Potter movie, which was great fun. It also displayed exactly the same strengths and weaknesses as Rowling's writing.

Sometimes you don't quite know what you're thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. Having gotten up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the airport, I was mostly thankful that day for the fact that no one expected me to do anything more than eat and be vaguely entertaining to Dad Pony's students who were having dinner with us. However, yesterday I had something to be thankful for.

It seems that my 85-year-old grandmother has been very sick for a couple of weeks, and nobody was really sure what was wrong with her. They thought it was a stomach flu, since she couldn't keep food down. We went down to visit my grandparents on Friday, bringing a Thanksgiving dinner and stuff, and my grandfather just seemed absolutely at the end of his rope. My grandmother looked awful, really pale and out of it, and she hadn't really been eating or drinking for several days and was beginning to get seriously dehydrated. But she perked up when she saw us coming, and Mom Pony called around until she found a doctor on call who stayed on the phone for a very long time while we described my grandmother's symptoms. My sister, who is a nursing student, even got to use some of her new skills in this.

Mom took my grandparents to the emergency room, where they stayed for a long time. About six hours later, we got the news: they think that my grandmother has either an ulcer or really bad acid reflux. This is fantastic news, in that both of these problems are treatable and will go away.

So here's what I'm thankful for this year: My grandmother, who I love a great deal, does not have some horrible life-threatening flu, bird or otherwise, and she'll get better and I'll see her when I go home next month, and she'll keep on telling all her fantastic stories and sometimes forgetting what language she's speaking, and she'll ask me in German about how my classes are going and I'll be able to hug her some more.
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