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It's The Little Things

I woke up this morning, and for a treat, the radio was playing Brahms's German Requiem, by the Atlanta Symphony under Robert Shaw. It's a piece I am intimately familiar with, having sung it at The Fairest College. I still have the recording of that concert, and I listen to it regularly. It's such a shock to hear someone else's recording of the same work. You get used to the little details, the conductor's particular tempo, the orchestra's attack, even the little wobble in the horn solo in the second movement. And in someone else's recording, they're all different. Robert Shaw takes the Requiem at a much more laid-back pace than we did, the timpanist didn't seem quite so gleeful about his part as Nate was, and the horn player did not wobble. It's the same piece of music, just a little. . . off.

And curse you, program DJ, for cutting off the Requiem just before the point where the sixth movement explodes! I know it was time for the news, but really! Grow a sense of timing already.
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