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Just Another Tuesday Night

The discoveries never stop. . . last night I learned why my feet are always cold. It seems that my lovely winter prairie boots are pretty much worn through. The soles are nearly completely separated around the toes, which is why water leaks in so easily and why I spend the day with cold feet. (And if you wonder why I haven't noticed this up to now, then you are clearly not a grad student.)

So this means that I have to go get new shoes. On the one hand -- hey, new shoes! Nice and clean and whole! On the other hand -- blarg, new shoes! I have forty dollars in my pocket, I don't get paid till Friday, and I have to chew up all this lovely reading morning schlepping out to shoe stores. But it snowed again last night, and I suppose I'd really be better off with shoes that don't have massive holes in them. Jack's might have something relatively cheap, or maybe Land's End. And both of these places are between me and school.

We had five novices show up at fencing last night. It being one of those sabre-heavy nights, Coach Mike asked me to give them their initial footwork lesson. Back in the ol' teaching saddle again. I'm nowhere near qualified to be a real fencing instructor, but I do like getting the chance to teach, because it helps me improve my own form. And I get to meet the novices. One of them was even brave enough to spar with me after I complained loudly that there weren't enough foilists to go around. She was a lefty, which is good for me. I used to fence lefties all the time, but this club only has one besides her. I need to keep my hard-acquired lefty-fencing skills sharp.

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