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Out With The Old, In With The New

Checking in briefly. . . Passover was fantastic, and I'll write more about it later. My old computer, the Lord Jeffrey iMac, died a quiet death of old age last week, surrounded by loved ones. Two help desks I called said that the data on Lord Jeff is probably okay, and they can pull it and put it on the new computer I'll have to get. I'll order that one (already named iGor) probably tomorrow morning, pick it up Saturday, and life will be wonderful. But until I can switch Lord Jeff for iGor, my computer access will be somewhat sporadic.

I went to see Dan Savage speak last night, and it was great. He gave a very open, humorous, honest talk about sex and relationships and politics. What made it even better was that they had a couple of ladies doing ASL interpretation. Given Dan Savage's usual subject matter, it was almost as much fun to watch the sign language as to listen to him speak. And even he got a kick out of watching the sign language for several rather intimate acts.

Bleh. I am massively overtired. I'm going to go home and nap. Catch you later.
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