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The Art Of Doing Nothing

I. Am. Done. Done done done. I had my last Hebrew class, turned in both my final papers, played in the gamelan concert. . . I am done. I have a thesis to revise, but, yeah. Done.

I did precisely nothing at all useful today, and I loved every last minute of it. Today also marks the end of Feed Pony week, during which, for one reason or another, various groups of people felt the need to provide many of my meals throughout the week. I did not object to this in the slightest. The School of Music threw a graduation "luncheon" (I've come to the conclusion that the difference between "luncheon" and "lunch" is that more forks are involved in a luncheon), and then the I.N.P.O.D. took the Organology class out to dinner at a nice Lao restaurant.

And I watched a movie. Perhaps I shall watch another one before bed. I love that this kind of thinking can now occupy the front part of my brain.
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