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Gwynhyffar Wants To Know

Because Gwynhyffar asked:

7 things I want to do before I die
1. Visit Israel
2. Earn a Ph.D.
3. Have a scholarly work published
4. See a performance of a full-length play I wrote
5. Take one trip where everything is first-class, top-notch, cream-of-the-crop quality
6. Host a Passover seder as warm and as fabulous as my aunt's
7. Perform the role of the Speaker in Bernstein's Kaddish Symphony

7 things I cannot/will not do
1. I cannot whistle
2. I will not eat pork
3. I cannot turn a cartwheel
4. I will not be dishonest
5. I cannot sit through even the most interesting lecture without fidgeting
6. I will not allow anyone to hurt Little Sister Pony
7. I cannot see the appeal of postmodernist academic writing

7 things that attract me to a guy
1. Intelligence
2. Willingness to enter into spirited debate
3. Appreciation of music
4. Ability to fence épée
5. A certain amount of evil
6. Honesty
7. A sense of the silly

7 movies I could watch over and over
1. Lord of the Rings
2. Sunshine
3. The Pianist
4. Drop Dead Gorgeous
5. Love And Death
6. Der Bewegte Mann (sadly unavailable on Region 1 DVD. . . sigh. . .)
7. Star Trek IV

7 favorite songs
1. William Bilings -- David's Lamentation
2. Hija mia mi querida
3. Bruce Holmes -- Illinois 7th Regiment
4. The Ballad of Montcalm and Wolfe
5. Debbie Friedman -- Mi Shebeirach
6. Lennon and McCartney -- A Day In The Life
7. Felix Mendelssohn -- O rest in the Lord from Elijah
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