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Blitzing Through Chicago

The Graduate Student Housing people checked in yesterday. They've found me an apartment, so I scrambled to arrange an emergency trip to Chicago to look it over and sign the lease if I like it. I'm pretty familiar with the neighborhood, and I know where this apartment is, and I like the area. I looked at a picture of the building on the Housing Department website (which also features a completely incomprehensible floorplan), and it looks okay. Architechtural charm is not high on my priority list for this apartment, but the convenience of having someone else do my apartment hunting for me is. So, assuming that the place is clean and in good shape, I'll probably sign the lease and have a place to live in Chicago. I'm going there on Wednesday to take a look, and then I'll probably mosey around the University area for a while, possibly meet with my advisor-to-be if he's available. This is probably the fastest I've ever arranged a trip before.

I'm so excited. It's happening! It's really happening!
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