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Broiled, Baked, and Bothered

There are days that are hot, and then there are days that are oppressively hot. The days that suck all the energy out of you, faster than you can guzzle ice water to keep up. The days where you can't do anything more than just lay around, only that would be boring, so you do things anyway. We've had a string of those. It bites. It's days like this that give me a new respect for Mom Pony. Thirty years ago, she endured heat like this, more humidity, and was in her last couple of months of being pregnant with me. That would take endurance. I think it's not by accident that Little Sister Pony's birthday is in January.

The heat has provided one rather dubious benefit, though. I don't think I'll have to worry about how to move my plants to Chicago. Dilly the Lavender and Guido the Parsley are both pretty much roasted, and Lexi the Begonia is fading fast. Of course, Peter Parker is fine. Nothing can kill a spider plant.
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