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The Eagle Has Landed!

So, here I am in Chicago, on the South Side! The move came off almost flawlessly. The movers arrived, carted out my stuff, and left to wherever movers go. I packed up my hand luggage and the plants, and moseyed to lunch, then to the bus. Everything went smoothly from there up to the point where I showed up at the real estate office to pick up my key. From there, Mom Pony's observation that "everything takes longer than you think it will," kicked in, but the bumps were minor.

There had been a mix-up on a couple of work orders, and the work on my apartment wasn't quite finished when I moved in. Specifically, a workman was just finishing doing something to the windows when I arrived, and the guy who was going to replace the kitchen floor turned up about a half hour later. Since I had movers coming, I asked him to come back the next day. The movers arrived, and did their ususal good work, and I began to unpack. It's bizarre how an apartment that took weeks to pack can be nearly completely set up in three days. All that's left are a few more boxes and then to take the empties down to the basement.

The reason that this check-in is so late is that I finally succumbed to peer pressure and bought a desk for iGor. This required a day and a half of begging for help in carting the box containing the pieces from the store all of six blocks to my house. Finally, Susan in the real estate office, who is a saint on earth, decided that it was silly for me to be begging so much and offered to drive me after she got off work yesterday. This meant an evening of actually assembling the thing, accompanied by much cursing and gnashing of teeth. Fortunately, I went singing in the middle of it, which was great.

Then, this morning, I unpacked iGor and the printer, and I got the DSL set up. So, here I am. I'm in Chicago, and I have DSL and a desk, just like a real grownup! So how's everyone doing?
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