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Dispatch From Chicago

Not a whole lot to report, actually. The apartment is fully unpacked and set up. Guests could walk in at any minute and feel welcome (although I would have to explain to them that the shower is labeled backwards). I took some pictures, and if they turn out after I've used up the film, I'll post them.

I went to the farmers' market yesterday and bought a basil plant. I've tried growing windowsill basil before, with indifferent results. The plants would grow very tall, and then just wither and die. So this latest plant is a bit of an experiment. Instead of one tall stalk of basil, it's actually about eight or nine stems, a little miniature basil-patch-in-a-pot. My theory is that the basils can all keep each other in line, and if one dies, the others will have that much more room to grow. And they've got a fairly big pot, so I don't think they'll be pinched for space for some time. Now all I have to do is figure out what to name my latest basil. My two previous basils were Sir Basil Exposition and Sir Basil Rathbone, so those names are taken.

I'm back on the Chicago schedule of weekly singings. This is making me a very happy Pony.


Aug. 27th, 2006 12:05 am (UTC)
Yeah, I repotted the basil when I got home. I'd had to make an emergency trip to the hardware store anyway, because we had high winds on Wednesday night that blew Peter Parker the spider plant down from the sill and shattered his pot. Spider plants are pretty much indestructible anyway, so I don't think Peter Parker noticed much. I had a yogurt container all ready to go for him, because he needed to be repotted anyway, but I needed potting soil. So, after I picked up the basil, I just went to the store, got the potting soil and a nice pot for the basil.

And now I have the pot that the basil came in (relatively nice, actually) in case, say, the begonia needs to move. As one of my friends put it, "Pony, it's like New York apartments for your plants. There's always someone waiting to fill an empty!"


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