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Ambitious Plan

I went down to school this morning to sign up for a 10-minute registration appointment. Then, I asked if I should go see the advisor first to discuss what courses I'll need to take and what requirements I'm looking at for my first year here. The answer was, no, the University of Chicago can do your course counseling and registration all in ten minutes. I'm not sure whether to be deeply impressed or deeply skeptical about this.

I do have to take a theory placement exam on Monday morning, and, in a fit of general insanity, I made an appointment to have people stick large needles in my arms on Tuesday afternoon. One of them will be an MMR titer, since it's proving difficult to track down my vaccination records. But the school proposes to feed me a nice dinner on Thursday, which might make up for things a little.

In other news, here's something for all the writers here in Ancient Armenia:
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