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A Sign That I Probably Need To Be In Class Again

On my trip to campus today, I saw a car with a sign in the window that said "This car is protected by a passive security system." I think this is probably meant to be a polite way of saying "This car has a really annoying but ultimately useless alarm." But it got me thinking. What would it be like to have a car protected by a passive-aggressive security system?

Thief tries to break into car.

Car: Go ahead. Break into me. See if I care. Steal me. Don't worry about my owner, who slaved at an unrewarding desk job for three years in order to afford the down payment on me. Don't worry about the hassle you'll cause him when he finds out that he can't use me to go to work to earn money to pay off the thirty-seven payments he has left on me. Take your joyride. See if I mind being stripped of hubcaps and radio and left at a chop shop. Have your fun. Don't mind me. . .
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