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Why I Love My Proseminar

One of the classes I'm taking this quarter is the Proseminar in Ethnomusicology. I already did one of those for Ye Olde Master's Degree, but it turns out that there are two kinds of proseminar. One is a Recent Researches class, where you read The Best! The Brightest! The Latest! The Shiniest! That's what I did last fall. This proseminar is the more traditional kind, where you bone up on the history and classic texts of your discipline.

And, in this case, you get all the hot gossip as well. Today's activity was us giving oral reports on Famous Ethnomusicologists Of The Past. For each oral report, there was either some weird little quirk about their research to laugh at (such as Jaap Kunst's methods of engaging with Javanese villagers), or the professor had some juicy tidbit of gossip to share with us. Whose son inherited his love of alcohol (so the prof tries to stay away from him at conferences), who gave the keynote address at SEM one year dressed like Bela Lugosi, who managed to put an entire conference of academics to sleep within three minutes of starting a lecture. And this is a normal class for us. Serious history and juicy gossip! I love it!

In other news, we had colloquium on Friday afternoon, with a nice spread afterwards. As I was filling a glass with a nice red wine, I overheard one professor remark to another: "A graduate student supplied with alcohol is a happy graduate student." Words to live by, every one.
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