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Pony's Roundup

We had to register for next quarter's classes yesterday, and of course, bureaucracy was in full swing:

Graduate Advisor: So, what do you want to take?
Pony: I'll continue Hebrew, of course. Too bad I won't be able to take a class with the ethnomusicologist who's leaving for England after this year, since that class conflicts with Hebrew. Instead, I thought I'd take the proseminar in Renaissance music, and Advisor-To-Be's course, "Global Film Musicals." I'll watch Bollywood movies till they come out my ears!
GA: Okay. . . okay. . . language, Western music requirement, check. Uh-oh. (cue scary music)
Pony: Yes?
GA: You are aware that the Global Film Musicals class meets twice as often as listed, but only for half the quarter?
Pony: Um. No.
GA: That's okay. It wasn't actually listed anywhere in the registrar's schedule.
Pony: Oookay. . . So when's the second meeting time?
GA: Let me check. Oh. Um. Actually, there is no firm meeting time. Advisor-To-Be hasn't actually declared one yet, and he's in New Haven until the end of the quarter.
Pony: So the time listed on the course schedule. . .
GA: . . . is pure fiction, yes. I hope this class won't conflict with any of your other ones.
Pony: Um. Yes. Me, too. When will we find out about the schedule?
GA: Before classes start, I hope. Hey, I'll be seeing Advisor-To-Be at SEM in Hawaii this weekend. Want me to ask him for you?
Pony: Please. Pin him with a flying tackle, if need be.

So I'm tentatively registered, pending the outcome of the question on when, exactly, we are to gather and watch Bollywood movies till they come out of our ears.

In other news, my history class chugs along. We're reading about Stalin's postwar pogroms and the fate of Soviet Jewry this week, and I have come across one of the best names EVAR. Being of Russian Jewish descent myself, I consider myself perfectly within my rights to roll over laughing when I read about the illustrious WWII exploits of one General Yakov Smushkevich.


Nov. 16th, 2006 01:32 pm (UTC)
Just like the situation at my previous school, which had a two-year master's program. . . and offered a course on fieldwork methods once every three years. Good thing the U of C offers fieldwork methods somewhat more frequently.

By the way, I recently acquired a book that you might enjoy. It was one of my favorite books when I was a kid, Steven Caney's Kids America. It's sort of a combined social history/arts and crafts book, where grade school kids learn about life in Early America by doing it themselves. It has projects and recipes for all sorts of things like natural dyes and inks, how to cook wild foods that you forage, bits of folklore and crafts, old-fashioned games and toys, that sort of thing. It's out of print, but used copies can be found.
Nov. 16th, 2006 01:36 pm (UTC)
The Caney book sounds useful. I'll have to do an online search. One tip I read about doing research was to start in the kid's section of the library because you could find a clear, overall description of whatever you were interested in. Then if you needed more indepth info about some part of it, you could go to the adult section. I've found that to be true, although I also get lazier all the time about doing anything other than computer research.
Nov. 16th, 2006 01:49 pm (UTC)
You can get it used from Amazon. Do it now. Here are some things you can learn from it:

*What the degrees of kinship actually are
*How to make butter
*How to milk the cow to make said butter
*How to make soap
*How to make candles
*How to make a tin lantern to put the candles in
*All about candle clocks
*Panning for gold
*How to build a treehouse and write up a deed of ownership for it
*How to cook an entire meal based on peanuts (The book is from 1978, before anyone thought about peanut allergies).
*Dowsing for water
*An insane number of cheap, fun toys and games
*Mid 20th-century circus slang
*How to dance both the L.A. and the New York hustle
*etc., etc., etc.

Steven Caney must have been the coolest dad on the block.


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