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Six Pony Facts

Meckinock tagged me for this. . .

"Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included."

1. I'm an active listener. This means that I have a hard time using music as white noise; if there is music in the background, it distracts me so that I have to listen. I cannot, for instance, have a conversation in a car if the radio is on. This drives Little Sister Pony nuts, because she likes to keep the radio on in her car. But she loves me, so she deals with it.

2. I used to row crew in high school. We were one of fifty-six public high schools in the entire country that had a crew team. I loved the sport, but I was (and still am, for that matter) too short to row in college. Fortunately, the sword awaited me there. . .

3. I speak English, German, Spanish, and a little Hebrew. Beyond that, I can swear in Yiddish, French, and Russian.

4. I really hate cheesecake.

5. I once spent twenty minutes shaking cream into butter in a glass jar. . . because I was too lazy to go out to the store and buy a package of butter. Trust me, it made sense at the time.

6. My hair is so curly that it never fully straightens, even when it's soaking wet.

Tag you're it: Dawn Felagund, Saadiira, NS_Tulkas, Cabell, Perelleth, Meggins


Nov. 18th, 2006 03:32 pm (UTC)
It's fantastic, full-body exercise. I hate rowing machines, although there are some of them that are pretty good. But being out on the water is a real joy.

I'm perfectly capable of multitasking, as long as there's no music on.


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