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Christmas Time Is Here, By Golly!

Disapproval would be folly. Even though it's not even December yet, the Christmas Machine is in full swing. Seriously, I was at Midway Airport on Thanksgiving Day, waiting to fly home to Mom and Dad Pony, and there are ornaments and poinsettia trees everywhere. . . and endless Christmas carols playing on the sound system. You'd think that Thanksgiving didn't even exist any more. On the other hand, a longer Christmas season means more peppermint candy canes for Pony, and I love a good candy cane. So it has its upsides, too.

It's not that I don't like the Christmas season -- I do enjoy it. I like the candy, and I like the concerts (especially the Lyric's sing-along Messiah), and I really like the Christkindlmarkt in Daley Plaza. I just wish it didn't begin quite so early. Oh, well. As long as I can find a box of Chanukah candles in the next few days, all will be well. CVS doesn't have them, but Walgreens might.

Apropos of nothing at all, Lexi the begonia looks like she's starting to bloom again. All her flowers frizzled off in the heat wave this summer, and then I trimmed her back severely for the move. But she's been growing and thriving on my living-room windowsill. I recently repotted her, and I think she's going to have lovely peach-colored flowers again soon. Yay Lexi!
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