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New Year's Day

Today seems like a good start to the year. At midnight, I was partying with friends in my shiny, new, purple party dress. After a yummy pancake brunch chez rhobike, I made two loaves of anadama bread, which made my apartment smell lovely, and then I started in on an African kidney bean recipe from one of the Pony Parents' presents to me: The Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook (how's that for a specialty market?).

Note to self: When cooking a recipe that involves reducing four cups of liquid to the consistency of guacamole, be sure to start well before you intend to eat the food.

However, the beans are making the apartment smell a different kind of lovely, so that's all right.

The winter quarter officially starts on Wednesday, but I don't think I have any classes that day. So that gives me some time to drop the proseminar on Renaissance music that conflicts with another class before I actually have to buy the textbooks or do the first assignment.

All in all, a good start to 2007. 2006 had many highlights, chief among them being that I went to the Virgin Islands, finished Le Thesis, got my MA, moved to Chicago, got two papers accepted to conferences, and had a play performed. But there were also some more minor highlights as well -- my very first manicure ever, for instance, which resulted in my fingernails being sparkly, iridescent blue, and the Purple Party Dress, both courtesy of a friend I saw over break. Life is pretty good right now. Here's hoping that's a general indicator for the new year.


Jan. 2nd, 2007 01:46 pm (UTC)
Wow, it must feel good to look at all your achievements like that! You really did a lot and should be very proud. Here's hoping 2007 is as good for you, if not better!

I admit, I'm just astounded that there's an enthnomusicologists' cookbook. Why not, I suppose. It sounds right up your alley, anyway!
Jan. 2nd, 2007 01:52 pm (UTC)
It does feel good to look at the achievements. Feels even better to look at the bound copy of Le Thesis and the new diploma, though!

I think the ethnomusicologists' cookbook is a fantastic idea, and I love that I saw it on the SEM website and thought "I should ask for that," while Dad Pony saw an ad for it in The New York Review of Books, knew I'd love it, and immediately ordered it for me. What astounds me is that Routledge (admittedly, a primarily academic press) decided to market a) a cookbook by music scholars, b) under the title The Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook. You gotta figure that's one of the most specialized of specialty markets, given that the reaction of most people to the word "ethnomusicology" is "wha-huh?"

I mean, if you didn't know me and know what it was that I do, and you saw this book, would you be eager to take it home and try it?


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