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Because I'm A Good Chicagoan

Go Bears. Go Bears.

There. All done.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 06:33 am (UTC)
Understandable. A basic rundown on sports as seen in Ancient Armenia:

Chicago Cubs: National League baseball team, near and dear to Pony's heart, and the source of much pain and suffering, as they are perennial losers. Haven't won a World Series since 1908, haven't even seen the Series since 1945. They got thisclose in 2003, which is why we hates the Florida Marlins forever.

Boston Red Sox: American League baseball team. Also near and dear to Pony's heart, but definitely nearer and dearer to that of jastaelf. They used to be perennial losers on the order of the Cubbies until 2004, when they absolutely spanked the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series. There was much rejoicing in Grad School Town that night.

New York Yankees: American League baseball team. Source of all evil in the world. Their General Manager eats the likes of Sauron and Morgoth for breakfast.

New England Patriots: Football team. Since I am originally from New England, I kinda sorta root for them. As in, I occasionally notice their existence, and am vaguely pleased when they win the Super Bowl. Which they do on a fairly regular basis, although they don't seem to be in it this year.

Chicago Bears: Da Bears. Chicago's football team, and the source of mild Pony grumpiness. Da Bears aren't known for being consistently good, but this does not prevent Chicago from loving them (hey, we also love the Cubs). On their account, King Richard II authorized the spaceship to be built for them in Soldier Field, previously a rather classy stadium on the lake shore. My main relationship with Da Bears is perpetual annoyance when they play in town, because their fans foul up traffic on Lake Shore Drive, making it difficult to get anywhere on a Sunday afternoon.


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