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The good: I registered for Spring Quarter courses today. In addition to the eternal Hebrew class, I'll have a pro-seminar in 20th-century music (all the ethno students have to do a pro-seminar and one comp in Western art music) and Ethnographic Methods. I'm especially excited about this last, because I've never had a fieldwork class before. This did not stop me from doing three ethnographies at the old University, one of which was Le Thesis. But I absolutely refuse to do another ethnography until I've learned how to do it right, and there's an ethnography that I really want to do in the fall, so I'm psyched about this class.

The bad: I am beginning to get Very Annoyed with the postal service. I have not had any mail for three days, and I know that I am due some mail. Netflix assures me that they've sent the movie I ordered, which I need to watch for a paper I'm writing, my Newsweek should have come yesterday, and I know that there are some bills that need to be paid, but which I can't pay because they haven't arrived yet. Stupid post office.
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