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Meet Lector Language Person!

The Writing Program just e-mailed me today, offering me a job as a Lector for next year! Woo-hoo, go me! The Lector is one of two salaried positions for grad students, and it involves teaching separate writing seminars, usually to third- and fourth-year undergraduates, as well as business school students and a few graduate students. I have to take a course with them in the fall about how to teach writing, and then they turn me loose on students. I can keep the job for as long as I want. Practically, this means that I'll do it until an opportunity to teach in the Music Department comes up, but I won't be eligible for that for another year or so. In the meantime, this is perfectly good teaching experience.

Professor Language Person may be retiring, but Lector Language Person is waiting in the wings!
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