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Behold, She Lives!

Just surfacing for a tiny breath of air, to let you know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I am currently ten pages deep into one of those papers that make me ask, every few lines, "how do I get myself into these situations?" In this case, I'm trying to squeeze out a grad-school length paper on the different forms of Christian music in Java (which is Muslim), despite the fact that there's almost nothing written about it. The major scholarly work, the one key to understanding the role of Vatican II in the development of Christian shadow puppetry in Indonesia, is a dissertation-in-progress.

And here I thought that cranking out a paper last year about the musical habits of the Cochin Jews, a community that basically doesn't exist anymore, was out there. At least with the Cochin paper, there were resources, videos, and even a CD. I have it on good authority that no one has yet recorded a Catholic shadow puppet play. Fun fun fun till Daddy takes the T-Bird away.

In other news, the Registrar fails again, and I have an irreconcilable course conflict that I must reconcile by next week. What am I going to do about this? Two things. I am going to go singing in Terre Haute on Saturday, and then I will dance in Wilmette on Sunday.

Take that, universe!
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