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The Final Push

Spring break is almost here. It's so near I can taste it (it tastes like snow). All I have to do is revise one five-page paper, and then a whole sweet week with no classes to get in the way of my homework.

That didn't come out quite right. . .

I seem to have developed a slight case of épée pox along my weapon arm. The only other épéeist at fencing last night has a perpetually foul temper and hits much harder than strictly necessary, even in drills. However, I give back as good as I get, and I don't really mind getting épée pox in a drill. In a bout is another matter, but I don't bout with this guy. I did get to bout with two other guys, though. One was a foilist who wanted to give épée a whirl, so we just played without keeping score. And then I switched to foil and bouted a few more times. I even managed to get myself in a duel of honor. Which I won, 5 - 3. So there. All in all, a very good night.
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