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Spring Has Sprung. Take Two.

We're on our third of a string of warm 60 - 70 degree days. Sunshine, flowers everywhere, t-shirts and cropped pants, and how did I spend the day?

In a mildly disreputable church basement, under fluorescent lights, banging on gongs and metallophones. Yes, folks, this was our all-day dress rehearsal for the gamelan concert tomorrow evening. To the surprise of everyone involved, we seem to be ready to perform. We don't drop cues during Pangkur (much), the syncopations in the dhangdut* segion of Caping Nggunung flow out of the hands of the saron section like water, the singers have all learned how to sing riddle in Old Javanese, and yours truly is the mistress of the gongs in Janji Allah and has bent the two-against-three patterns in Penataan III to her formidable will. We are ready.

Now all we have to do is carry the gamelan upstairs and practice how to switch between instruments with a certain amount of grace. Javanese Fire Drill!

*The Indonesian version of rock 'n' roll. Really.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
Sorry you had to miss nice weather, but it's for a good cause. If you are not already in concert, you are probably about to be. Hope it turns out splendidly. (I'm sure it will.)
Apr. 23rd, 2007 02:29 am (UTC)
I just got back and finished eating the mango that I got from the gong offering after the concert was over. It was a grand concert, very well received, and an excellent mango. And the lady who manages the batik shirts we wear said I could keep mine! It fits well, is a nice color, and no one else ever wants to wear it. And since it was bought in Indonesia, it's worth maybe ten dollars, if that. So now I have a nice peachy creamy batik!


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