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Oh, Today We'll Merry, Merry Be!

Hooray for Purim! (I'm going dressed as. . . a grad student. . . )

Grad School Town is heavily Lutheran, and I can't go to a bakery to get hamentaschen, so I tried my hand at making my own for the first time. They're cooling right now. Most of them came out pretty well, but I have now learned why you go to the trouble to make filling instead of using jam. I made prune filling, but I ran out, so I filled the last hamentaschen with apricot and cherry jam. They leaked. All over my baking sheet. I think the prune ones will be okay, but that baking sheet will need a lot of soaking once the hamentaschen cool enough to be removed.

So. Next year, I will just have to make more real filling. But yay, I have hamentaschen!
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