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It's That Special Time Of Year

Once again, the Midwest Convention is almost upon us. For anyone reading this who's interested, we'll be singing Saturday and Sunday at Ida Noyes Hall, at 59th and Woodlawn, on the University of Chicago campus, from 9:30 to around 3, 3:30ish. There will be potluck. Oh boy, will there be potluck.

I've scheduled the making of the Saturday food, and the Sunday food will just have to be done all at once on Saturday night. Fortunately, my out-of-town guests have indicated that they will stay over Saturday night, and so will be available to help schlep food down to Ida Noyes for Sunday. Yay!

This is great -- for the first time, I'll be able to walk to the Midwest Convention, instead of taking the CTA at the buttcrack of dawn!
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