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End-Of-Year Countdown

Classes are officially over for the year. Finals week has begun. Here's how all my classes stand:

Hebrew: Took the final today, whee! I think I did a pretty good job, no major-league screwups, and I could read all the readings. This is a vast improvement over the beginning of the year.

Ethnographic Methods: We're meeting on Monday to give presentations of our final projects. I've done my fieldwork, and I've outlined the paper. Tomorrow and Sunday I'll spend doing interview transcriptions and writing the presentation draft of the paper. The final draft is due June 8. All is under control.

20th-Century Proseminar: We had presentations of our final projects Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. The Wednesday session we had in the restaurant/bar area of the Quadrangle Club. So a composer, an ethnomusicologist, and a music historian walk into a bar. . . Most of us chose the practical option for a final project, which was to put together a syllabus for an advanced undergraduate survey course in music since 1900, and then write a short essay defending our choices. My syllabus is almost done -- I just have to fill in a few more assignments and add a midterm. It was really neat to see all the different kinds of syllabi that people put together, to see how everyone thinks about teaching 20th/21st century music. There's so much you can do with that topic. The final versions of these are also due June 8. All is under control here as well.

And then. . . I spend the summer working at the CBMR and studying for (dun dun dun) comps. See my icon for details.

But none of that matters now. In half an hour, we have CRAPS (Conference for Relevant Arts Performance Scholarship), which is a fun GMS event that takes place at the end of the fall and spring quarters. It's a mock music conference, in which we give brief, wacky papers on weird-ass topics. Mine is called "(Dis)Covering the Enemy Within: Exposing the Hidden Agenda of the Recording Industry," and it traces the nefarious connections between used record shops, the Freemasons, the International Bankers, and finally the Bavarian Illuminati and Lyndon LaRouche. Very tinhat, and I get to use props.
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