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A Question For Christians

I just finished watching Jesus Camp. Fascinating movie, not the least because it uses a strategy that I am ever more convinced is the best way to construct a human-subject documentary, that of not having any external narration. Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, the directors, construct the film so as to let their subjects tell the story, inserting only a few pertinent facts as text overlays on the screen. That's a difficult trick to pull off well, and they did it nicely.

However, it did leave me with one question that maybe some of the Christians out there in cyberspace could answer: During the church services and prayer meetings, most of the congregants stuck their hands up in the air when the praying got really intense. I've seen this once or twice in real life, and it's always struck me as a curious gesture. Can anyone tell me a little bit about this particular prayer posture? What does it mean, how did it get started, who uses it? Clearly, it signals a moment of intense emotion in a prayer service, but I'm kind of curious about how it became part of prayer in the first place, and what the meaning behind it is.
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