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Itty Bitty Request

I'll post about Philadelphia and The Wedding later, promise. But first, the abovementioned itty-bitty request.

Little Sister Pony called a couple of hours ago to say that Mom Pony was feverish and vomiting and that she was driving up to work her Licensed Medical Practicioner mojo on her. This, by the way, consists of calling Mom Pony's doctor and possibly a trip to the emergency room. The current best guess, and I don't know who this guess comes from, is that it might be Lyme Disease. Little Sister Pony said she'd keep me updated because she knows that the Pony Parents will be too distracted to do so. Which is why she called in the first place, actually.

So. . . could everyone please send some good vibes out to Mom Pony? Little Sister Pony feels there's no cause for excessive alarm, but it is Mom Pony, after all. Good vibes couldn't hurt.
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