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I talked to the family today. Mom Pony is home, and she is doing much better. She sounds dreadful, and paused several times during her conversation to hack up a lung, but that's better than yesterday. The "official" diagnosis is Lyme Disease, although Little Sister Pony doesn't want to rule out Random Mommyvirus. Apparently, Dad Pony and Little Sister Pony took Mom Pony to the doctor, and the doctor said it sure looked like Lyme Disease, but that the official test takes two weeks to get results back, but the antibiotic starts working in a couple of days. So he called it Lyme Disease, fixed her up with the antibiotics, and she's doing a lot better. All the good vibes surely helped. Thanks to everyone for them.

And I am once again grateful that Little Sister Pony knows that I'm not telepathic and like to be kept updated about family emergencies. I think that this incident kind of got to her, and now she makes sure that I hear things. Which is good, because Dad Pony mentioned that, after Mom Pony was home and drugged up and feeling better and Little Sister Pony was cooking dinner for them and taking care of them, he thought that maybe it might be a good idea to let me know about all of this. . . .
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