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Little Sister Pony, Come And Gone

I love when Little Sister Pony comes to visit. She loves to seize life with both hands, and inspires me to get up and do things with her. I've known for a while now that the futon on my couch was basically dead. It was never especially thick, and years of being sat on had squashed it to the point where it was painful to sleep on for overnight guests. But I'd never gotten around to replacing it, because I'd never quite figured out what one does with the old futon when one buys a new futon. But Little Sister Pony demanded something comfortable to sleep on, and there's a futon store on 53rd St., so we went out and -- just like that! -- replaced the futon. We test-sat on most of the futons in the store, and I picked out a nice fat one that's very comfortable. They had it in stock, and they delivered it that very afternoon. From the time we walked into the futon store until the time when we sat on the couch in new comfort was just over an hour and a half. Little Sister Pony helped me shove the old futon downstairs to the apartment building's free table.

We also went and looked at Andersonville. Little Sister Pony is contemplating moving to Chicago after she graduates from her APRN program, and she thinks she would want to live in Andersonville if she did. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that either Northwestern University or the women's health clinic we saw posters for in Women And Children First might want to hire a sweet, fresh-faced APRN right out of Yale next year!
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