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Ode To The Geographically Challenged

So I need new dance ghillies, because I've danced a hole in mine, and the cobbler put a really ugly patch on that's falling off already. Mom and Dad Pony said that I could use their credit card to buy a new pair as my birthday present. Yay! Being the methodical Pony that I am, I did my research so that I could acquire the best possible pair of ghillies. All the dancers I asked said that the best place to get them was from James Senior, who runs St. Andrew's Shoemakers, Ltd. in Scotland.

This being the modern era, St. Andrew's has a website, so it's relatively easy to get good Scottish ghillies in Chicago. As I was poking around the website attempting to find an answer to a question,* I noticed something amusing. I clicked on the link marked USA Distributors on the off chance that there was a USA Distributor near me where I could go and ask a person. It turns out there isn't one even remotely close.

There are eight alleged "USA Distributors" of James Senior's ghillies. Three are in Colorado. There is one each in Massachusetts, Nevada, Maryland, and Texas. And the final "USA Distributor?"

Is in . . . Nova Scotia.


All those studies they used to beat us over the head with in high school? The ones that shrieked about how utterly awful U.S. students did in geography compared to The Europeans? The ones that said that, essentially, U.S. high school kids couldn't find their oversized butts with both hands?

Yeah, I don't feel too bad about that any more.

*Are the sizes for ghillies listed in American or British sizes, and what's the difference?
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