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Going Underground

Just a quick note about the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow, Friday, I'm heading out to New York to spend my birthday (which is on Monday -- I'll be 31, yay!) with my best friend. I'll be back in Chicago on Tuesday. Comps begin on Friday, September 7th, at 9 in the morning, and continue for a full week, until Friday, September 14th, at 12:15, at which point, I am going to flop down on my bed and either sleep or scream, depending on how Comps went. rhobike informs me that the Illinois Convention is the 15th and 16th. I want to go, in a sort of abstract way, but I have no idea whether or not I'll be coherent enough to do it.

The point of all of this is twofold. First of all, if I seem to vanish for the next couple of weeks, rest assured, I'm not dead, just in the seventh circle of academic hell. Second, any good vibes sent my way for Comps will be treasured.


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Aug. 31st, 2007 06:46 am (UTC)
Good luck! I hope all goes well, and you survive the next few weeks of hell.

(Deleted comment)
Aug. 31st, 2007 11:13 am (UTC)
Good luck on the comps, FP. And then they'll be over.
Aug. 31st, 2007 12:38 pm (UTC)
Early Happy Birthday wishes! Have a great trip.

And have fun with your comps:) (DH told me to have fun when I went to take the GREs, so I always tell people that now when they are facing some big daunting test.)
Aug. 31st, 2007 03:12 pm (UTC)
Since you're going to be away for a while, I'll say it now: Mazal Tov! Happpy Birthday, treat yourself to something nice. Cheers, Naomi.
Aug. 31st, 2007 04:07 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday! And I am definitely sending you good vibes for comps!
Aug. 31st, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
*wiggles fingers all mysteeeeeerious-like*

I bestow upon you my good vibes!

Aug. 31st, 2007 05:03 pm (UTC)
Have a blast this weekend, FP. And the best of luck with Comps. I'll concentrate really hard and send all my good vibes your way :-)
Aug. 31st, 2007 05:59 pm (UTC)
happy birthday in advance!

i can't send good vibes because that makes me think of vibrators, so i will send wishes for academic mightiness!
Aug. 31st, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)
*sends good vibes*

Enjoy your weekend and happy early birthday, lest one of us is not around (which seems probable ;) for me to wish you properly on Monday!
Aug. 31st, 2007 11:28 pm (UTC)
1. Happy Birthday! Spending your birthday in New York with a friend sounds like a great time.

2. Don't worry; all the same petpicspam and snark will still be here when you get back.

3. You'll do great on your comps. Don't spend a second worrying about them when you should be having fun.
Sep. 1st, 2007 03:17 am (UTC)
I'm sending those good vibrations
Pony don't need no excitations
On her comps...

Uh, I don't really remember enough of how the song goes to do more.

Have a great time in New York!
Sep. 2nd, 2007 05:25 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday!
I hope you had a blast this week end.
And I will be sending good vibes for your comps.

perelleth from the office
Sep. 3rd, 2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday to you! You're in my new of the woods when you're in New York. (Well, about 2 and a half hours away if you go the city...) Enjoy yourself! And good luck with getting through your "circle of academic hell" if I don't talk to you before all that.
Sep. 6th, 2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
Catching up... Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great trip.

And good luck on comps. You will do great!
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