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Feeling Like The Space Shuttle On A Cloudy Day

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! New York was fantastic, just what I needed, though we ended up seeing Rent instead of Avenue Q. But, of course, nothing in life ever works out perfectly. . .

Graaaaar. Here I was, all set for Comps to begin Friday morning at 9 with the Modal Analysis take-home, and be over on the 14th at 12:15 with ConFounds. But the grandfather of one of the other ethnoids taking Comps died suddenly, and his funeral is this weekend. So Modal Analysis has been rescheduled to next weekend. Pick up on the 14th at 4:00, due on the 17th at 4:00.

Why this might suck: I had planned on being able to crash on the 14th at 12:16, and then maybe make it to the Illinois Convention. Instead, I have to keep going through next Monday.

Accentuate the positive: I've got all of the weekend to study, an extra week to work on Modal Analysis, and I might even be able to get my own grocery shopping done. And I can still get my reward of a Swedish massage, just on Tuesday, not on Friday.
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